10 Bingo Card Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

Tired of playing the same kinds of bingo games over and over? Have fun with these new ideas for a 5 x 5 bingo card layout. Each of these lists will be easy to compile with a quick Internet search so you can spend more time playing than planning. We hope you have as much fun as we do coming up with new, unique bingo cards every week.

1. Movies. Replace the word “bingo” at the top of the card with the word “movie.” All words in this game will pertain to movies. For each letter, create a list of actors, actresses, films and directors. You can customize these lists based on the age or knowledge of your players.

2. Foods. Again with “foods” across the top, have a food-related game. List fruits, vegetables, meats, desserts, and drinks pg slot.

3. Names. Using “names” as the title, create a list of boys’ and girls’ baby names. This is great fun for a baby shower, particularly when a baby name hasn’t been selected yet!

4. Shows. Think back to your favorite TV shows of the last few decades. Title the card “Shows” and include television favorites like Love Boat, Happy Days and Beverly Hills 90210.

5. Place. Make a list of states, cities and countries for this place-themed bingo game. This can be supplemented with maps if you’re playing with children and want to include an educational component to the game.

6. Beach. Try a summer vacation-themed bingo game including words such as “surf,” “sand,” “campfire,” and “hotel.”

7. Shops. If you play bingo with shoppers, compile a list of favorite shops like “Nordstroms,” “Saks,” or “Macy’s,” as well as words like “sale” and “coupon.”

8. Color. Featured colors like “magenta” and “turquoise.” If possible, use color in the cards themselves. This can also be a good teaching opportunity for very young players.

9. Parties. The party bingo game includes terms such as “invitations,” “punch,” “band” and “party favors.”

10.Local. This version features a list of your favorite local personalities, landmarks, streets and other characteristics.

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