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The West End of Central London has some of the best theatres in the world and to reach there on time without missing an ounce of the delightful performances, you should stay at a hotel which is located close to it.

If you are planning a trip to London, make sure you visit West End that has a number of small and large theatres, most of which are from the Anglo Saxon period. The theatres are known for their plays as well as architectural beauty and historical significance. While you are there, you should make the most of your trip. A wise decision would be choosing a hotel that is located close to the West End so you can have the magical experience of watching some great plays in some of the great theatres in London.

Selection of a good hotel that offers you premium services at budget rates is quite haytheatre essential. London attracts millions of tourists and the hotels get occupied quickly, so you should book your rooms prior to the visit. Since you don’t know your way around the city, you should stay at a hotel that is located close to the West End and offers a service that takes you to and from the theatres of your choice. To watch different plays, you can choose repertoire theatres.

The two most popular theatres of London are The National Theatre and The Shakespeare Globe Theatre. Both of them are repertoire theatres, so the plays are repeated several times a week. Here, you can watch some of the most outstanding performances on the exceptionally written plays. The prices of the tickets vary based upon the production of the play, its reviews and days of the week. You can purchase your tickets for the plays at discount prices from the TKTS of London which is located at the Leicester Square. The tickets can be purchased either on the day of the performance or up to a week earlier in advance.

The Shakespeare Globe, as the name suggests, mostly showcases the plays of Shakespeare. The Shakespeare play season starts from April and lasts till September every year. You can explore some of the greatest works of Shakespeare including Much Ado About Nothing, All Is Well That End Is Well, Hamlet, As You like It and more. Apart from watching the plays, you can take a guided tour to the theatre where you will unfold many stories on the life and work of Shakespeare. During the tour, various exhibitions inform you of the times when Shakespeare lived and worked in London. You can also listen to the recordings from some of the most famous Shakespearean plays.

The Royal National Theatre, on the other hand, presents plays from not-so-famous writers in order to bring forth the talent that has not been recognised. This is a wonderful attempt to showcase the talent of some unidentified artists. In spite of presenting plays that don’t appeal to the masses, the theatre holds the record of showing some of the best plays ever. This theatre is basically known as National Theatre and has three theatres: The Olivier, The Cottesloe and The Lyttelton. The Olivier is the main auditorium of the theatre that accommodates 1,160 people at a time. With an open stage, this has been designed to make sure that the view of the stage is not blocked by any seat. The Cottesloe is quite small and has a seating area of around 400 people. The Lyttelton is a proscenium theatre and can hold up to approximately 900 people.

There are a few hotels in Central London that offer all the basic amenities along with a good staff to cater to your necessities and make your stay in London a pleasant one, you should search the Internet and find one such hotel. These hotels offer cheap accommodation London offers some of the best accommodations for the millions of tourists that come every year.

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